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Learn Natural and Clean

Asian Cuisine

Why Learn to Cook Natural and Healthy Asian Food?

  1. Learn kitchen basics (ingredients, cooking methods, knife skills)

  2. Enjoy cooking a diverse and healthy cuisine, full of flavors

  3. Prepare family food that does not contain  flavor enhancers, artificial colorings and preservatives that can be found in many oriental ready meals

  4. Impress everyone with dishes from some of the world's most popular cuisines 

Our Classes

At 9Kitchens, we provide one-to-one or group classes in the comfort of your house. Our classes  are small, friendly and hands-on. They are suitable for everyone, from total beginners to experienced cooks who want to explore other cuisines. 

Why 9Kitchens? 

9Kitchens was founded in 2018 by Kieu-My, a mother of two, of Vietnamese descent.  The goal is to share her knowledge of traditional Oriental dishes with other families, adapted to our busy lifestyles and our local climate. 


The number "9" of 9Kitchens was not chosen randomly. In Chinese, the word "nine" sounds very similar to the word "longevity". It also symbolises the diversity and richness of oriental cuisines. 



Meet The Teachers


Kieu-My, founder of 9Kitchens, was trained in Paris and London. She is also a certified Plant-Base Chef.  Being passionate about sharing culinary traditions, her classes are informal  and very interactive. 


Saori has extensive professional experience in Sushi making in Paris and London. 

She also enjoys sharing Japanese family favourites, alongside vegetarian cooking. 

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